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The first New York Faces Magazine profile for the year will be on one of the most influential leaders in the Real-estate market on the west coast.  Mr. Byron Nelson has a proven track record of success and determination on leading individuals in achieving the same success.  In an effort to bring this level of leadership to the forefront of the industry, Byron has agreed to share his time with us and answer the questions that most might have.  

Interview with Byron Nelson

Profile : Byron is African American real estate entrepreneur and ACN SVP since 1998 .He is the owner a The Matrix Group a California based realty business. He is highly respected by Jewish owned real estate owners in Brooklyn for successfully introducing ACN to them to combine with Jewish owned real estate business.

Sam : How does your Real Estate business Enhance your ACN business ?
In response Bryon gave an example of a meeting he had with a Jewish business leader in Brooklyn where he was edified by his ACN team to attend a BOM session .

Byron: I sat down with the Jewish business leader. After he did the math off the properties in his portfolio he found each his managers would be in a position to generate a six figure residual income after twelve to eighteen months. He said in a worse case senario if they chose not to take advantage of the opportunity  a 1099 type business so they will make at least a two-hundred percent return just on saving receipts for the year. He then said "did I miss anything"? I said no .I said can you do the rest of my presentations?  he said "why do I need to sit down for an hour presentation to understand from a business perspective when I make too much money to sit down for an hour and hear something that you have to convince employee mentality individuals about an opportunity that just makes total sense to a person thats a business owner ". He then told me he stuck around on Sunday just to meet me because Saturday is Shabbatt and that he missed me on Friday and because "I was so edified and I need to meet this man that broke the bell within the jewish community of Muncie all the way down to Manhattan and sheephead bay with Russians and Jews and he was black I was so curious . And I was like I appreciate it. If a person dosent get that converstation
they arent going to get it.

Sam: Thats right its one of those instances of where you can't say the wrong thing to the right person.

 Byron: Exactly Residual income I'm getting paid on bills they have to pay. They already bought a piece of property or leasing a property from me and they are going to turn on all these things and then im going to be able to generate another perpetual income that comes back to my company and help every person that  I love thats already running  my company and add more money to thier bank account by essentaily learning how to apply this to what they are already doing it's a no brainer !

Sam:  Do you feel you could have had success with another company?

Byron: Well I was already an avid student of success.  My father gave me a copy of Dale Carnegies " Think and grow rich " at age eleven.  I didn't read it until I was fifteen. I didn't apply it until age twenty-one and I didn't really activate it until my mid twentys that got me to the point that I was able to retire under the age of thirty to never work another job in my life. So I believe once a person decides to be successful the key word here is "decide" the Latin root means "to cut" or "kill" which means to cut off every other other option to take action!  "I want to be successful" or "I hope I'm successful"  once you decide to "be successful" and become a leader it doesn't matter what you choose to do
you don't know how to fail gracefully your going to fail until you succeed. So do I believe I can be successful in another company?  I can be successful at anything that I apply myself to the question is will the company be successful? You see you got to understand that since I embarked upon this company a decade ago there's been over 30,000 companies to attempt to get into network marketing multi-level and of those less than 30 of them exist today.  The magic of that is planting your flag on a
foundation with a company that matters, is in complete alliance, congruent with your integrity, and with your work ethics. What will make you a winner is your commitment to success for everybody that's involved and that's what we have in place.

Sam: So I see how you're saying that this is a no brainer that you stuck with that you believed in from the very beginning and you knew you were going to be successful no matter what .

Sam: Have you met all your goals and objectives from the beginning of your career?

Byron: Why is it that a boxer continues to box until they are knocked out until they can't box anymore ? Mohammed Ali did it , Oscar Dey La Hoya did it . Why did they do it ? It's because its in their DNA to be a success. Champions want to out do what they've already done they don't want to compare themselves to the mediocre they've  challenged themselves to be the best to create history.

Sam: So basically your goal has not been met by you yet. From what is take in this is that Your goal is to go on striving through the rest of your life.

Byron: I haven't come close yet to my goals I'm just getting started.
Sam: When did you decide you should be able to leave real estate and go full-time into network marketing?
Byron: That was 1998-99 when I was working real estate full-time and ran my own  entertainment, promotions, and marketing company. I was working 9-5 so my only goal was time freedom.  I went head in because even with real estate your only as good as your last transaction.  As far as I'm concerned  even with the ups and downs of 2008 with the sub-prime and what happened in 1999 I still believe real estate is the greatest industry to place your money in.  They aren't going to make any more land but everybody needs to understand how to create perpetual income.  Its the greatest insurance policy against your dreams .  On the other hand, there's nothing like residual income to be able to bet against your dreams, to be able to go and pursue what you love while you have residual income hitting your bank account for what you did five , six  seventeen years ago is priceless.
Sam: That's why your a great leader I love what you're saying .

Byron: Well it just common sense that isn't common anymore .

Frank Wood: People don't really realize what common sense is sometimes its hard when your working a 9-5 and struggling to even see a light at the end of the rainbow .

Byron: Its called mental incarceration .
Frank Wood: Would you like to mention someone on you team that you'd like to promote ?
Byron: I want to promote them all that's my goal but a special thanks to the Brooklyn leaders like Renata Krumer and Boris Glickstein

Byron's company Logos are: ,

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