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The start of the summer 2021edition of New York Faces Magazine is proud to present one of the most influential leaders in the Bronx market on the east coast.  Kyoshi Tracey Seymour has many years of success and determination where she has trained individuals to achieve the level of training they desire.  This year Tracey Seymour has partnered up with Stephanie Londono at Orchard Beach in the Bronx on Saturdays for two reasons. First reason being as masters in their craft they can fuse traditional Karate and Ju-jitsu with Yoga fro total wellness of body Mind and spirit.  The second reason is to prepare new students train during this era of social distancing

Interview with

Kyoshi Tracey


Profile :

Tracey Seymour has formatted her designed her trainings to most of all

comply with New York City and state compliance regulations.

This includes social distancing strength training.

This will improve core strength and overall fitness. The team up with

Yoga and the Martial Arts provides a level of balance that has never

been shown before so register ahead or just come by.

The contact information is posted on the flier to the right.


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